Burke Primary Care

As your medical home, Burke Primary Care provides healthcare for the whole family.

Burke Primary Care is a comprehensive family practice dedicated to high quality, patient-focused healthcare. Treating patients from birth to seniors (geriatric) in wellness and acute illness care, Burke Primary Care is a locally owned, independent family physician medical practice.



Burke Primary Care offers extended hours: 8am to 8pm, Monday - Friday and from 8 am to noon on Saturdays to meet the healthcare needs of busy families and working adults.

Pediatric Healthcare

Burke Primary Care provides care and medical coordination for all childhood ailments as well as, well-child checks, school physicals, sports physicals, and immunizations. We will also take care of newborns upon discharge from the hospital.

Adolescent Healthcare

Burke Primary Care offers physicals for schools, colleges, and sports teams, and treatment for seasonal and late childhood illnesses. Our experienced physicians work with families through the transitions and challenges of teenage years.

Women's Healthcare

At Burke Primary Care, we provide care and medical coordination for all adult female ailments and issues including annual physicals with pap and breast exam, menopausal management, osteoporosis management, thyroid evaluation, counseling and management of chronic medical illnesses.

Men's Healthcare

Burke Primary Care provides care and medical coordination for all adult male ailments plus annual physicals, including screening for prostate cancer, colon cancer, management of chronic medical illnesses and comprehensive screening for heart disease and cancer.

Senior Healthcare

Through its Morganton Nursing Home service Burke Primary Care can help provide your senior loved ones with the best medical care, wherever they are.

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