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Healthy Hearts

Jan. 31, 2012, midnight

Everyday Heart Health Tips

Make one or more of the following tips part of your everyday routine this winter. You will be surprised how quickly increasing physical activity – even a little bit – can make a big difference in your overall wellbeing and outlook. Your heart will thank you with improved function and a longer life.

  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator at school or the mall. Just start with one flight. Soon, you’ll be ready for two.
  • Park your car at the far end of the parking lot. The short walk to and from the store or school gets your blood pumping.
  • Whenever possible, spend a few minutes of your lunch break taking a stroll. A brisk walk will help you stay awake after lunch.
  • Think of housework as an extra chance to exercise. Turn on some music and really get your body moving as you do everyday chores. Vacuuming, dusting or folding laundry can be opportunities to increase your heart rate.
  • The same holds true of outdoor work. Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds or raking leaves are chores that really provide a chance to work your muscles – especially your heart.
  • If you have a dog, a brisk walk is good for both of your hearts – make it a part of your daily routine.
  • Plan an after-dinner walk or a lively activity for your family. Interactive video games can be great indoor fun and quite a workout.

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