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Retirement Message from Burt Moncrief

Jan. 17, 2017, 10:53 a.m.

JANUARY 2016 - This month I retired from Burke Primary Care after 16 years of wonderful work as a provider of medical care. Most of you whom I have seen on a regular or occasional basis already know this.

Nothing has given me greater satisfaction and pleasure than working at Burke Primary Care and with its team and its patients. From the top on down, there is a striving at Burke Primary Care to help people by providing excellent medical care.

Being part of something this good is a source a great personal pride. What I will miss most, however, are the daily interactions with people needing help and trying to figure out what that may be. Over time, these individuals became friends.

Thank you for the privilege to to this. And to all the people I saw, and to the exceptional staff at Burke Primary Care, I wish you well and will remember you fondly.



Burt Moncrief, PA-C

Burt Moncrief

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