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Weight Loss Clinical Trial

July 31, 2012, midnight

Burke Primary Care of Morganton, NC is offering a new clinical trial targeting medications and treatments for weight loss. For three years, the independent family practice has participated in national and global clinical trials with pharmaceutical companies and selected sites to study future medications and treatments. The practice’s latest clinical trial focuses on weight loss for people who are overweight and have additional, specific medical conditions.

Offered in its Morganton, NC office, and supervised by its team of doctors, the weight loss clinical trial is open to men over the age of 45 years and women over the age of 50 years who are overweight and have a history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Qualified participants receive free doctor supervision, free medication and reimbursement for time and travel.

During the past three years, Burke Primary Care has offered 14 clinical trials focusing on gout, influenza, diabetes, atrial fibrillation and arthritis. Pharmaceutical companies coordinate specific trials with qualified sites across the country to test the efficiency and safety of the latest drugs seeking FDA approval.

Burke Primary Care’s Clinical Coordinator, Robert Keene, manages the clinical trials, while Dr. Martin Gessner, Dr. Keith Smith and Dr. G. Michael Gould serve as Principal Investigators.

“These are the new drugs that are hitting the market,” said Scott Gallagher, Chief Operations Officer for Burke Primary Care. “Many of these trials are the final stop before submitting the drugs for FDA approval.”

Through the clinical trials, Gallagher said, “Burke Primary Care is doing our part to bring medications of the future to our doctors and patients.”

Researchers are required to follow strict rules that are put in place solely to protect the rights and safety of all study participants. The studies at Burke Primary Care are carefully monitored by regulatory agencies including the FDA, Independent Review Boards, and Data Monitoring Committees to ensure the safety of all study participants.

For additional information contact Robert Keene, Clinical Trial Coordinator at Burke Primary Care, 828-391-2040.

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