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June 30, 2011, midnight

Meet Tara Mode, RN

Certified Diabetes EducationBurke Primary Care is proud to announce a new member of our Medical Home healthcare team. Tara Mode, an RN with more than 14 years in the field of diabetes education, is now available to help our diabetes patients and their families make sense of the condition and ... Continue Reading
June 30, 2011, midnight

Preventative Health Care

Medicare now offers annual physicals as a covered benefit.At Burke Primary Care our goal is to help you stay healthy. Your annual physical is an important way to stay in touch with your doctor and to be proactive with your health.We encourage our patients to have screenings that are appropriate ... Continue Reading
Feb. 28, 2011, midnight

Cold Weather Injuries

Cold Weather InjuriesLiving in North Carolina, we do not have the severe winter temperatures that they do in Alaska, but it still gets cold. This winter protect yourself and your family from injuries caused by cold temperatures including hypothermia and frostbite.Hypothermia occurs when you are exposed too long to cold ... Continue Reading
Feb. 28, 2011, midnight

Clinical Trials Newsletter - 2011

What Are Clinical Trials?A clinical trial is a research study in human volunteers to answer specific health questions. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the safest and fastest way to find treatments that work in people, and new ways to improve health.There are different kinds of clinical trials, including those to ... Continue Reading
Feb. 28, 2011, midnight

A Better Morning Routine

If your days are stressful and rushed, consider a fresh, new approach to your morning routine. Start with a healthy breakfast and morning exercise, and you will set a positive tone for the rest of your day.Getting into action with simple activities like taking a walk, going to the gym, ... Continue Reading