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5 Diet Resolutions

1. Take Small Steps

  • Vow to add a piece of produce to your brown bag lunch daily.
  • Designate a day as fish day.
  • Package up a single serving of your favorite whole-grain cereal, then treat it as your midmorning snack.

2. Water, Water, Everywhere

  • Drink one glass first thing in the morning,before you brush your teeth.
  • Tempted by more soda? Another glass of wine? Drink a cup of water with a splash of your favorite beverage in it first.

3. Go for the Gold...and Red...and Purple

Colorful produce is packed with disease-fighting plant compounds.

  • Designate a color-a-day ...

Preventing Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, 79 million Americans have been diagnosed with a condition called “Pre Diabetes”. People use other terms to refer to Pre Diabetes such as “borderline diabetes” or “a touch of sugar”. Pre Diabetes is a condition in which your body is not able to properly use the insulin your pancreas makes to maintain blood sugar control resulting in a continuous elevation of sugar in the bloodstream. The diagnosis of Pre Diabetes is usually determined by a fasting blood sugar level range of 101-125. When left untreated, Pre Diabetes can progress to diabetes within 10 years ...

Our Website Has a New Look

Online Services Make Refills and Appointments Even Easier

We are pleased to announce our newly redesigned and updated website. The site is filled with information on your care providers and our services and includes online communication tools to allow us to serve you more efficiently.

Requesting a prescription refill or an appointment has never been easier. Fill in the form and click the submit button. That’s all it takes. Our staff is immediately notified that you have made a request and will follow up with you as quickly as possible.

Patients undergoing Coumadin treatment can use our simple-to-use online ...

Physician Assistants (PA’s)

Physician Assistants Provide a Variety of Patient Care Services

Burke Primary Care’s dedicated healthcare team includes four certified physician assistants (PA-C), David Lange, Burton Moncrief, John Sallstrom and Bill Vaassen. PA-Cs are formally trained to provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive healthcare services working under the supervision of a physician. They provide a vital part of the health care team and are charged with a wide range of medical duties.

PA’s treat illnesses, order and interpret laboratory tests and x rays and make diagnoses. They also treat minor injuries, instruct and counsel patients, order or carry out therapy and ...

Healthy Holiday Habits

Celebrations during the holiday season add numerous tasks to our everyday “to do” lists. Shopping, cleaning, decorating, wrapping gifts, entertaining, and traveling are just a few of the many things we do to prepare for and enjoy this busy season. However, let’s not forget the most important task that should be included on your list – taking care of your health.

Avoid overeating.

Overeating is a common way to celebrate. However, let the turkey be the only one stuffed. At the end of the holiday season you will be glad you did!

  • Don’t skip meals – you’ll be even ...

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