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In-Car and Virtual Visits

April 2, 2020, 3:20 p.m.

MORGANTON, NC (Mar. 24, 2020) --- Responding to evolving COVID-19 situation, Burke Primary Care recently launched two initiatives to improve convenience, safety and quality of the healthcare it provides. Burke Primary Care has implemented In-car assessments for patients with respiratory symptoms and telehealth visits for social distancing.

“These new steps reflect our on-going programs to meet the needs and expectations of our patients while providing high-quality and safe healthcare,” Gould said.

In-Car Medical Appointments

“In the interest of patient safety, Burke Primary Care is seeing patients with respiratory symptoms in the patient’s car. This is to keep our non-respiratory patients safe when they need to come into the building” said Dr. Michael Gould, Medical Director for the Morganton-based private practice.

How to Schedule an In-Car Visit

Please call Burke Primary Care to schedule your in-car visit here: (828) 437-4211

Virtual Medical Appointments

Patients who prefer to remain in the safety of their homes can use video-based tools to see their health care provider. With the use of Apple FaceTime or Google Duo, your doctor can see you for your regular scheduled rechecks, newly developing symptoms or follow-up on your care plan. Currently, virtual visits are covered by most insurance plans similar to an in-office visit.

How to Schedule a Virtual Visit

Contact Burke Primary Care by phone: (828) 437-4211 or here schedule your virtual appointment online here: https://www.burkeprimarycare.com/virtual-appointments/

About Burke Primary Care

Burke Primary Care is a locally owned, independent practice dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care to Burke County residents and industry. The Morganton, NC based practice offers a comprehensive list of ancillary services under one roof to support the needs of industry and patients of all ages including: occupational health, primary care, radiology services, laboratory pediatric & geriatric care, same day visits for acute care needs and wellness & preventative visits, care for chronic illnesses and sports medicine while being supported by a local hospital program for all admissions.

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